How To Clean Car Matts: Tips and Tricks

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How to clean car mats? This is a fundamental task for the hygiene of your interior, the mats are a receptacle of bacteria and dirt because they come into contact with the sole of the shoes. And so dust, mud, earth and bad smells can invade the cab of the car, putting at risk the health of passengers, especially the little ones.

The solution? Bring the car into a carwash or focus on your skills especially if you live far away and there are no cleaning services nearby. In practice, you need virtue, but how to clean the car mats correctly? Let’s see.

How to clean car mats in rubber and fabric

How to clean rubber and fabric car mats? You have to do some preliminary operations. The first step: open the doors and extract the carpets if removable, you have to transport them outside the car to clean them in the best possible way. Now vacuum on both sides to clear debris then bang against a wall or floor.

In this way, remove the soil embedded between the fibers. You can also use a scraper to remove the most resistant dirt. Now let’s see how to wash the rubber car mats.

In the previous paragraph we understand how to clean a rubber mat, now let’s see how to properly wash it. Wait, did you check the doormat does not have holes? The risk is that of letting water pass even inside the car, causing damage and unpleasant odors to the floor of the car. At this point, take a garden hose .

Use the pump to clean the dirty side . You’ll see, the strong enough water jet will remove the dirt. What soap do you need to use for rubber mats? Just the laundry detergent with a little baking soda, the mixture will raise the residues. Use a damp cloth or a spray solution to spread the mixture on the affected surface.

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