Winter comes: defend the car from frost and rain

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You do not have a car garage owned and you are forced to keep the car outdoors in winter . Even the idea of ​​renting a garage is to be rejected because it could affect the family budget. And yet you love your four wheels and your goal is to protect it in the best possible way. Above all, when bad weather becomes unstoppable and ruthless.

But how to protect the car out in winter if the resources available are limited? The secret? Use common sense and all the tools necessary for this purpose. Take a look at this guide to protect your car from the cold and beyond.

Protect your car without a garage: always useful tips

Parking outside in the winter can become a problem because, in addition to the bad guys, you have to deal with bad weather. But how to protect the car without a garage while minimizing the risks? Here are some tips and rules to follow.

Remember that to avoid damage to your four-wheeler you do not have to park in busy areas or even too isolated . Keep away from work in progress, gates or open construction sites. Even stopping under a tree is not the best because of the resin. You can also:

  • Take out an insurance policy that gives you coverage against atmospheric events.
  • Fold up the mirrors and choose the  best mechanical or electronic car alarm .
  • Use the cloth,  object to bring in the car  in case of rain, snow and hail.
  • Since you know you do not have a box you have to  wash the car .

A good practice to defend the car in winter: apply the wax to the bodywork to protect it from atmospheric agents, acidity of the rain and resin of the trees. Then you can try the vehicle at least twice a year and wash the car every two weeks.

These are the main tips to make the car always safe out. They are universal suggestions, the same suggestions apply to the new car without a garage.

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Covering cars in winter: how to choose towel

Leave the car in the street, as I told you, is synonymous with danger not only for the action of vandals and thieves. You must protect yourself from protecting the machine from hail.

But also from snow and rain. How to solve if you do not rent a garage? You can always cover the caroutside with a towel. How to choose the best car cover?

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